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Monthly Giving a Powerful Fundraising Donor Retention Tool

Just yesterday I spent an hour with DonorPerfect on a webinar focusing on how extremely important donor retention is to your non-profit organizations fundraising plan! It’s all about the math and compounding over the years! They said that one way to improve your retention rate is monthly giving in your year-end fundraising plan and here […]

Bequests, Heroes & Donor Communication Control – 20 Questions


Just saw this wonderful graphic on http://www.queerideas.co.uk/my_weblog/2015/10/the-fundraising-paradox.html and had to share! It is so important to ‘walk a mile in your donor’s shoes’ and to listen, really listen to what they tell you! That way you’ll know what problems they want to solve! So many Development Directors/fundraisers have an idea and a ready presentationfor the […]

Bequests, Heroes & Donor Communication Control – 20 Questions

BlockBuster Fundraising

[vs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw5-amQSG3A[/vs] Whether you’re new to fundraising or a seasoned development professional, you will find Blockbuster Fundraising a great resource for your non-profit work. Best Practices are current, tested, and with proven results that can be put to work immediately for blockbuster results. CEO Joy Olson has 20 years of an extremely successful Development background.

Bequests, Heroes & Donor Communication Control – 20 Questions