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7 Fundraising Goals for Successful Fundraising Plan

“If you’re looking to increase donations for your nonprofit organization, your first move will be to improve the fundraising goals you set for your organization. Most nonprofits have fundraising goals, but not all goals are created equal.” More ideas for creating goals for your fundraising plan: https://www.classy.org/blog/the-smart-way-to-create-fundraising-goals/

Why Monthly Giving Should Top Your To-Do List Now

A Few Simple Fundraising Tips for 2017

What are you 2017 fundraising resolutions? How about Retention for a start? And making more ASKS? And reinforcing or revamping your Brand? Go for it! 2017 is your year! Make it a Blockbuster Year! Stay tuned for lots of great ideas for your success!! P.S. 5 Retention Tips here: http://nonprofithub.org/fundraising/donor-retention-5-ideas-to-get-donors-to-stick-around/

Why Monthly Giving Should Top Your To-Do List Now