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Donor Segmentation


 As you close in on the half-year fundraising mark,   how are you doing with your fundraising goals? Specifically, How’s Your 2017 Renewal Rate Looking? Review your Data Now! Make the Extra Effort to be Better Than Ever! More Information Below: Giving Levels: https://wiredimpact.com/blog/giving-levels-drive-donations/ Moves Management: http://www.salesforce.org/enabling-moves-management-process-npsp/                 […]

Bequests, Heroes & Donor Communication Control – 20 Questions

Winning Back Lapsed Donors in Time for Year-End

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys1IAT5YGO4 One more positive thing we can do now! Print out your lapsed donor list, any donor who has yet to give this year in 2016, and get ready for action! Action steps and letter (or call script) included! Also a couple great links to more information! Loving lapsed donors back into the fold | […]

Bequests, Heroes & Donor Communication Control – 20 Questions