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Donor Emails

Send More Than One Email Last Fundraising Days

After viewing this Daily Tip and reading John Haydon’s blog (http://www.johnhaydon.com/email-subject-line-examples/) you will be thinking about sending out more than one email on Dec 31st as well as revamping your subject lines! Keep It going because these last 9 days of 2016 fundraising are tremendously important and you can tweak your emails for super success! […]

Why Monthly Giving Should Top Your To-Do List Now

12 Secrets to Pulling-Off Sizzling Year-End Email Results

Could YOU use 12 fabulous “last-minute” fundraising secrets in these final 12 days of 2016? Would YOU love to blast by your 2016 fundraising goals? No problem if you follow these 12 tactics NOW. Here is your checklist, a 12 step blueprint to your fundraising year-end celebration! Year-End Email Tip #1: Make it personal Focus […]

Why Monthly Giving Should Top Your To-Do List Now