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Monthly Giving

How Many Times A Year Should You ‘Ask’ Your Donors For Gifts?

Hey, how often can you ask in a year without driving off donors? And should you work more on raising awareness than raising money? And do you think Newsletters lose money? So many good questions and even better answers taken from Tom Aherns 20 Questions, The Donor Communications Test! You Need to Take this Test […]

Why Monthly Giving Should Top Your To-Do List Now

20 Questions Created for Fundraisers

#SummerLearningSeries Today’s Topic, a Quiz! 20 QUESTIONS, the Donor Communications Test! Have You Taken This Quiz? Written by Tom Ahern and created for fundraisers, the goal is to promote a quick, common understanding of profitable, proven best-practices in appeals, newsletters and thanking your donors, both print and digital. 20 Questions: FREE downloadable test re: best […]

Why Monthly Giving Should Top Your To-Do List Now