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Summertime Fundraising

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Wow, here it is, middle of July, and we’re ready for some serious vacation time, right?

But you’re wondering if this is the right time to put fundraising aside for summertime fun?

No worries as they might  say on some exotic beach!

Here’s what a fundraiser can do right now to make sure that everything is ship shape and ready for take-off.

First, review your first six month results so you are spot-on about where you are right now.  Are your fundraising efforts on target or do you need to plan a Fall campaign to pick up more than just leaves? There is time!

Secondly, review what’s working this year and what’s had less than stellar results.  Do more of what appeals to your donors! Be very clear on fails and successes because you now have less than six months to make  your goals happen!

Third, CALL!  Make time this month and next month to call your donors. Segment them but make sure you give those NEW donors a call with a big thanks because 81% probably won’t make another gift and you can be sure they won’t if you don’t give them your heartfelt thanks! Let them know the impact their gift has made and how much you appreciate their support. Now work on the loyalty calls, right, because your donors are getting solicited by many good causes so don’t let them slip away because they think you don’t need them anymore. Make your donors feel good about what they’re doing  for you and what a difference they are making!

Get help from your board with these mid-summer calls and give them 3 message points for the calls;  1. Thank you!!  2. Your gift made this (short story of success) happen and,  3. You are appreciated. Donors love it when they hear from you and there is no mention of any kind of “Ask.” You’re saving that for year end.

Review your  last quarter 2016 fundraising plan  and make sure all your ducks are in a row! If you don’t have an air tight year end plan, you’ll need my”Fundraising Year-End Cheat Sheet for 2016 Results!” We’ll will make sure you haven’t overlooked something important.

Have a great Summer and don’t forget the cheat sheet because Oct, Nov & Dec are racing in! Doesn’t seem fair does it with the sun out and the beach calling our name?

Sunny wishes, Joy

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