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The What & Why of Blockbuster Fundraising

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2016 has been a busy year of putting together all the pieces of Blockbuster Fundraising, getting ready to get the training modules on line!

So what is the What and the Why of Blockbuster Fundraising! Why are we doing this and why do I want to do this? What is the purpose of this endeavor?

Having been a very successful fundraiser now for 20 years and coming into very stressful situations and painful moments at certain nonprofits, I learned how much it means and how to keep a cherished nonprofit alive and well in the community.

To be able to raise money when a nonprofit faces dire and urgent circumstances is an art that takes experience and the best of best practices! When it is a cause you truly passionately believe in, there isn’t any finer feeling in the world than to be able to keep those doors open and make wonderful things happen for those who need them to happen.

It is much nicer for a fundraiser or development director to enter a situation that isn’t so dire, but one where you can put together a fabulous plan to take the nonprofit to new heights and beyond their goals!

And fundraising has never been more exciting with greater possibilities! Nothing compares to the last few years, the dramatic changes in fundraising and development due to the internet and social media; it’s a wonderfully, exciting and creative time to be a fundraiser.

Watching Shark Tank inspired us, wanting to make our fundraising skills ‘scaleable’! Don’t you love it? Why scaleable??? Easy, because every single day hundreds of worthy wonderful caring causes come to my mailbox, arrive on my Facebook newsfeed and get tweeted to me, they all desperately need help!

But like everybody else in the world you can’t be everywhere and you can’t donate to every good cause so what can I do to make a difference in the world?

Ah-ha! I can share my fundraising knowledge, excitement, and passion with any fundraiser in the world who is trying to figure out right now how they’re going to find the money to keep their cause alive and well.

So what difference will Blockbuster Fundraising make and what is the real value of my knowledge to other fundraisers? In a nutshell, nonprofits will be able to get instant quality affordable fundraising help the moment they need it without having to hire expensive consultants or make a new hire.

How can we help? Blockbuster Fundraising is made up of only best practices, tested, current and proven best practices. Blockbuster can help nonprofits right now in 2016 raise the dollars they need to meet their goals. Blockbuster is creative and forward thinking, using all new technologies to benefit our clients. We love developing Development Relationships for development department through social media and have learned how to make it truly add to the nonprofit bottom line.

Development and fundraising is so important to every nonprofit organization in the entire world. Nonprofits struggle to find qualified development & fundraising people. Add to that that most of the U.S. non-profit organizations (currently 1.5 million US nonprofits with budgets of $1 million or less) often don’t have the budget/money to hire or even really train their fundraisers. And they flounder and so does the budget.

As of now, studies show there are less than 80,000 Development officers in the US non-profit arena, making it a field that has tremendous potential along with the great need. Because of the limited or non-existent training budget dollars in the nonprofits of this size, turnover, disappointment, and people leaving the field are rampant!

Blockbuster Fundraising is introducing in May of 2016 a tangible digital, video training product to enable nonprofits to experience success and immediately bring dollars and supporters to their mission. These are nonprofits with meaningful causes so close to the heart, and all extremely worthy, and many so in the need of help.

Blockbuster Fundraising can help nonprofits achieve their goals achievable and become sustainable.

Blockbuster Fundraising will give people the chance to truly change the world because that’s what nonprofits to do, they change the world! But to do the good that makes the changes, they’ve got to raise the money!

The goal at Blockbuster Fundraising is help worthy nonprofits with their development program, offering an affordable, immediate and proven successful training program that will get them to their goals and beyond. YOur goal is our goal! We can help make a big difference in the world by helping the worthy causes that need more dollars to stay the course!

Take care and talk to you soon. How to Achieve Successful Fundraising Plans will be the next blog subject. And when I’m not trying to figure out how to help you get more supporters and dollars in the door, I head outdoors with the WestieFore, below! Thank you for your valued time.

joy and westies on greenway

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