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12 Secrets to Pulling-Off Sizzling Year-End Email Results

12 Secrets to Pulling-Off Sizzling Year-End Email Results

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Could YOU use 12 fabulous “last-minute” fundraising secrets in these final 12 days of 2016?

Would YOU love to blast by your 2016 fundraising goals? No problem if you follow these 12 tactics NOW.

Here is your checklist, a 12 step blueprint to your fundraising year-end celebration!

Year-End Email Tip #1: Make it personal

Focus on your donor! It’s all about them! Use their name. Use it more than once if possible! Tell them what heroes they are, how they changed the world for a cause they care about. Present a new challenge they can help you solve once again. And, if they haven’t yet sent a gift yet this year, here’s your subject line: “Joy (donor name), Did You Forget Someone?”

Year-End Emai Tip #2: Integrate your Call to Action in Email at least 3 times

Make your Call to Actions (CTA) bold and don’t wait until the very last sentence to ask them for their donation. Weave at least 3 CTA’s into your compelling content and make sure each CTA is linked to a Donate Now on your web page. There is always one CTA above the fold, making certain the donor does not have to scan the entire email to try to figure out what to do to help!

Year-End Email Tip #3: Laser focus

Now is not the time to ramble or add in lots of extra words or concepts. Your donors are receiving dozens of fundraising emails each day. The faster and clearer you make your case, the more likely your donor will read your email and take action. Be specific about what you want them to do and how to do it now (donate now button).

Year-End Email Tip #4: Sense of urgency

Tell your donors this is it, their last chance to give before year end! Use words in your subject line like Urgent, Tax Deadline, and Matching Funds. Fear of Missing Out will get your email opened!

Year-End Email Tip #5: Send a “reminder” email

Don’t assume you haven’t received a gift from the donor because they don’t want to send you money. Send those donors who have not replied to your “snail mail” campaign a reminder email. Mention that it is likely their letter got lost in the flood of holiday cards, other fundraising letters, and catalogues and you know they don’t want to miss an opportunity like their year-end gift tax break!

Year-End Email Tip #6: Don’t be afraid to ask again

Just because a donor gave earlier this year, doesn’t mean they won’t give again. When you send an email with a new poignant compelling story, ask them to give again or give a little bit more. An inspirational story will remind them why they support your organization, what wonderful things you are accomplishing together and can certainly influence them to give a bit more.

Year-End Email Tip #7: Major emotional connection going on the final four days

10% of year-end fundraising happens in the last three days of December. Send out a different email each day each of the last four days of the year. Use killer subject lines to get them opened:

“We’re so close – will you help us reach the finish line?” “We can’t afford to fall short” “5 moments you helped inspire in 2016” (link to 450 subject lines)

Year-End Email Tip #8: It’s Donor Love! Write “you” “you” “you”

Your email must be centered on, focused on, and about the donor. The buzzword is donor-centric and it couldn’t be more important. The donor is the hero of the email, making all good things possible. Remind them how much they care, what they’ve accomplished with their gifts up to this point, who they so dearly helped, and how they can NOW solve this new problem or situation with a happy fundraising ending. “2016: Look What We Did . . . Together”

Year-End Email Tip #9: Highlight a matching gift

If you have a company or individual who is matching a portion of your year-end contributions, this is an excellent time to shout it from the rooftops! Donors love to see even small donations make a bigger impact. Use a this subject line: “Urgent Deadline: all gifts DOUBLED”

Year-End Tip #10: Deck the halls

Encourage your donors to give gift certificates that support your organization as holiday gifts. This is an excellent way for your supporters to share their love of your cause and celebrate with a personal and meaningful gift. Or urge them to ‘share’ this email telling your beautiful story with a friend that has similar interests! Sharing is a huge motivator for family and friends to also donate if your story touches their heart.

Year-End Email Tip #11: Monthly gifts

Recurring gifts are wonderful ways to keep the cash flow rolling and allow your donors to comfortably give a larger gift. Simply offering a monthly gift option will help you on your way to receiving more gifts like this. Make it a habit to always offering a monthly giving option!

Year-End Email Tip #12: Send emails with heart and soul (Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve)

Write with your belief, compassion, and passion showing. You have picked your stories for their heart-rendering emotional essence. If you don’t feel a tear in your eye and a tug-on your heartstrings, do a rewrite because true raw emotion is needed now. Your heartwarming story is the essence of why your organization really exists, to make a difference in a situation like this! Your donors will sense your sincerity and caring because they care too. Heart and soul, that’s how to write these year-end emails!

Now is the moment to inspire your donors! Follow these tips to ensure that your end of year emails inspire gifts and loyalty and pride in what you are accomplishing together to solve problems.

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