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Facing Disaster! How to Fundraise in Disastrous Times

Faced with over a month of terrible disasters in 2017, only weeks from year-end fundraising, how do we proceed to raise money for our causes without seeming insensitive to the horrendous circumstances facing so many? – Hi, Joy Olson here of Blockbuster Fundraising. You know, this year of 2017, the entire month of September and early October we have […]

What they’re saying about 2017 #GivingTuesday and Why it Matters!

20 Questions Created for Fundraisers

#SummerLearningSeries Today’s Topic, a Quiz! 20 QUESTIONS, the Donor Communications Test! Have You Taken This Quiz? Written by Tom Ahern and created for fundraisers, the goal is to promote a quick, common understanding of profitable, proven best-practices in appeals, newsletters and thanking your donors, both print and digital. 20 Questions: FREE downloadable test re: best […]


Is Your Donation Page Frustrating Your Donors? Mistake #5 Not Being Mobile Responsive

A blog I read and admire struck a chord with this short blog. Here are 9 Donation Page Mistakes you need to be certain you’re not making (the link to the blog is below). Today we explore Mistake #5 (Not Being Mobile Responsive) and how to fix it!   #SummerLearningSeries #BlockbusterFundraising #JoyOlsonGroup #Nonprofit #Fundraising   […]

Conquer Email in 2018 With These Tips