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Fundraising In Disaster Overload!! What to do now!

Fundraising In Disaster Overload!! What to do now! 9/27/17 Just read this local newspaper headline “Residents Worried For The World” and it immediately translated to my fundraising brain as “Our Donors Are Worried for The World Now More Than Ever”. It was a month yesterday (August 26th) that Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, then Irma hit […]

7 Stats to Review Before Finalizing Your Fundraising Plan

Are You Taking Advantage of Opportunities the Top 2017 Fundraising Trends Offer?

Is your NonProfit taking great advantage of the 2017 top fundraising trends? Watch this video for top ten review and ways you can act now to take action for fabulous 2017 fundraising results!. Thank you CauseVox for your Top10 Trend List! More help here: https://www.causevox.com/fundraising-plan-calendar/ Why Do Trends Matter to NonProfits? The National Council of […]

Conquer Email in 2018 With These Tips

7 Fundraising Goals for Successful Fundraising Plan

“If you’re looking to increase donations for your nonprofit organization, your first move will be to improve the fundraising goals you set for your organization. Most nonprofits have fundraising goals, but not all goals are created equal.” More ideas for creating goals for your fundraising plan: https://www.classy.org/blog/the-smart-way-to-create-fundraising-goals/

Conquer Email in 2018 With These Tips